ramon & jessica and Just Theater thank you for supporting

roses are blue


With a grant from East Bay Fund for Artists, in collaboration with Just Theater, we have raised matching funds to present a staged version of our song cycle based on The World is Round by Gertrude Stein, to be performed in May 2017.


And please stay tuned for more information about the next phase of Roses Are Blue... 

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ramon & Jessica


Since 2002, Ramon & Jessica have been beloved by both adults and children for their highly original songs, intricate harmonies, and uniquely blended vocals. After their 2004 self-titled debut as an experimental folk duo, R&J briefly expanded into an improvising ensemble, then  released a second album Handyman’s Honeymoon, in 2006, followed by 2012’s Fly South on PortoFranco Records. In their recent work, they have embarked on a deeper investigation of a cappella music, creating virtuosic interlocking vocal duets. Their 2012 collaboration with choreographer Amy Siewart, at ODC Theater in San Francisco, received a Meet The Composer award and an Isadora Duncan Award nomination.


ramon & jessica are

jesse olsen bay and dina maccabee



Roses are Blue On Stage:


May 19 - 21, ACT Costume SHop Theater

more details tba